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Multi-Generational Workforce: Effective Management in the Workplace

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We live in a time where there are different generations in the workplace who work together. According to Forbes, this could mean managing employees with ages that range from 18 to 80 years old. Multi-generational management means being able to handle the four generations for an efficient and successful company. But to do this successfully, […]

6 Habits That Kill Productivity in Millennials

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Millennials are the youngest generation in the workforce today, and for them, working productively can take much learning. Being productive means being able to successfully accomplish tasks in a given time. But if you find yourself with a lot of backlogs and unfinished projects, then you might be doing some habits that are affecting your […]

Everything You Need To Know About Leading a Team

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Every company has teams of workers and every team has a leader. The leader must have good leadership skills and effective communication skills in order to lead a team. But sometimes there are problems in a company or in a team that pushes a leader to change their mindset or their leadership practices. Ask yourself, […]

7 Steps Companies Should Take Now on Reinforcing the Right Values with Their Leaders at All Ranks

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There are many facets to being an effective leader. According to Harvard Business Review, leadership is a conversation. That’s why companies need to make sure that their leaders or the top management are fully equipped with the right values. There are lots of disturbing incidents that successful companies are facing now because of “mismanagement.” One good […]