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Fear cannot reside where Gratitude abides

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I don’t recall exactly when it happen.  If I was to pinpoint the exact moment I would guess it was when I became a mother.  Along with motherhood I found mysellf becoming very “anxious and worried”.  Maybe it was because I now had the responsiblity of another living being to take care of. However, as […]

How to Re-Invent Your Business and Your Life


There is something in the air, I can’t really explain it but there is a shift that is happening.  It is almost like an awakening that is occuring in people’s spirit.  Let me stop and say that I do not consider myself one of “woo-woo people”  I am very pragmatic and grounded but there is […]

5 Strategies for a Great Company Culture Post-Merger

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In today’s business world, the idea of a sudden strategic merger or acquisition is pretty common. Look at the recent news of Staples acquiring its top rival Office Depot for a reported $6 billion as one example (and Office Depot acquiring Office Max not long before). The bottom line is that as competition becomes even […]

The Lost Art of Customer Service: Did Hawaiian Airlines miss the mark?


I have the great fortune of training 100s of organization on how to build a winning culture, increase employee engagement and retention.  However, over the past decade I have experienced a decrease in customer service which is probably why I have been fascinated by Zappos and the CEO (Tony Hsieh) philosophy of delivering a wow […]