3 Ways to Improve Your Strategic Leadership Skills

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Everyday more and more businesses and organizations pop up on the market, so it seems natural that the developing leaders of these companies want to learn how to be high-performing leaders. They want to know how to be a great leader with effective leadership skills and be able to develop leaders in training. There are plenty of how-to guides out there that claim to be the correct method to improve leadership skills. Check out the top 3 ways to improve strategic leadership skills based on research done by top publications worldwide:

  1. Be responsive and not reactive – Great leaders have great emotional intelligence, and they understand that emotional responses, knee-jerk reactions don’t lead to the best outcomes reports TO be a great leader is to learn that communication is key. Great communication inspires people says Entrepreneur. A successful leader can inspire others with their responses and do not react negatively to any situation.
  1. Be generous – Whether with time, charity, or praise—and often with all three—the greatest leaders are often also the most generous according to Forbes. One great example is Bill Gates, whose charity is known worldwide. This also connects with sharing the credit for team projects or with successful work done by subordinates. com adds that great leaders know that they will receive credit without having to take it, they know that reflected glory from their team is just as valid and important.
  1. Be the leader you want to follow – Entrepreneur describes this as adherence to the Golden Rule +1: “The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” This means knowing the people who work in the company and what motivates and demotivates them then treating them accordingly. This means learning more about the people who work with you. Business Insider interviews Sir Richard Branson of Virgin, and he claims that “people love to be heard and I pride myself on being inclusive and treating others as equals.” Personalized approaches make a leader stand out in the eyes of an employee.

Exceptional leaders have a lot in common. The commonality of their great habits is actually unmistakable says Forbes. Whether they get it from executive training or they just have innate knowledge about leadership and management, great leaders are easy to spot. Every company owner or executive or manager wants to a top leader and this list provides excellent tips to boost management skills.

Being a top leader and having good leadership skills means focusing on a few improvements at a time. Research by Harvard Business Review shows that employees dislike their jobs, don’t trust their leaders, and aren’t engaged. I challenge all leaders out there to start following these 3 simple habits and come tell their stories if there are changes within their company. Our comment box is open and I look forward to your responses after a week or two.


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