Are you an entrepreneur, small business or service professional who is ready to catapult your business to the next level?


Mentor With Rae

Imagine…what your business would look like if you had someone showing step-by-step, move-by-move, what you need to do to take your business to the next level?

Rae is “The Entrepreneur’s Mentor” because she walks her talk.  She has been there and done thProfessional Headshotsat and more importantly she knows how to transfer her blueprint for success.  This is why she has been the sought after coach to 100s of small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professional such as yourself.  Her gift is to show you how to build a successful 6-figure plus business while having a balanced life.
How has she been able to duplicate consistent RESULTS for her clients?
It is through her proven 5-step simple system that she coaches you to build a profitable and scalable business.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business or service professional who is ready to catapult your business to the next level and you wish to avoid the miss-steps, traps or mistakes that many entrepreneurs experience when growing their business than I would like to invite you to be part of our community.

Our coaching and mentors programs are customized based on your individual business.  Although business is business we understand that every business owners have their own specific challenges as well as their own specific goals they wish to reach.

There are 3 Levels you can choose to play at…it really depends on where you are and how fast you want to skyrocket your sales.



Fast Track  – Fast Results E-Learning Membership ΤΜ

Who is this for?

diyThis is for the entrepreneur, small business owner or service professional who wants to do it yourself.   This self-paced study program begins with you taking a questionnaire which will give you a customized road map to help you successfully navigate through your e-Learning program.

So, if you have a limited budget to invest and you want to quickly attract, convert and retain your “ideal client” and jumpstart your business fast.  This program if for YOU!



All The Way Success Coaching

When I first started my company I thought “if I build it they would come.”  Well guess what?  I build it and month one I had no clients…month two I had no clients…month three I decided I needed to get help.  That is when I sought out mentors and coaches to help me.  What I learned is I could waste a lot of time trying to figure out or I could hire someone who have already been down the road I wanted to go and could show me.

Fast forward 16 years later…and I can say that I still believe in the power of coaching.  Not because I am one but because I know that having a coach and mentor in my life has been one of the instrumental reason why I have reach the success I have.
So, you maybe wondering why should you work with a coach?  (Click Here to read the benefits of coaching)
Coaching and mentoring is the secret that the most successful people have used for years to hyper-grow their business and themselves.


Simply stated we cannot see our on blind spots.  As a coach/mentor, I provide you with the perspective, direction and guidance you need to really reach your goals.  You see what I have learned is that we will do more for others than we will do for ourselves.  And it is something about someone who is checking in with you and holding you ACCOUNTABLE to the things YOU said you wanted to accomplish.  Not only that a great coach and mentor…someone like me…also holds the space for your greatness.  You see when you decide to grow and really stretch to the next level it is scary as heck…and many people don’t have the support they need to really go for it.

If this sounds like the accountability you are looking for than I am probably the mentor for you.

So, what is my coaching style?tworoads

What I bring to the table is a combination of “Coach, Mentor, and Consultant”.  Which simply means I have an arsenal of tools in my tool-box to move you forward, get you unstuck and give you a specific step-by-step plan that WORKS. That is of course, if you work it. This is not a magic pill however Success Does Leaves Clues and I am your G.P.S. navigating you through the sometimes confusing marketing and sales strategies.




What are the core areas of focus?

What I learned is that there are 5 core areas of focus that every entrepreneur should focus on to grow a profitable and scalable business.  They are:

  • Mission – Why are you in business? What is your vision for your company? What is your end game? What does success look like in your business?
  • Message – What is your compelling message? What makes you unique?  How do you stand out from your competition?
  • Mindset – What has stopped you from moving forward?  What is an entrepreneurial mindset? How do you tame the inner critic and stop self-sabotage?
  • Market – Who are you here to serve?  Who is your ideal client and more importantly where do you find them?
  • Method – What is the fastest path to reach massive success? What is the best strategy for creating a “real business” not a job?  How to influence people to buy? How to manage time and leverage team?

There are 2 tiers you can choose from:




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DIAMOND Level Tier


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Which is the best level for you really is based on how fast you want to go. The Diamond Level is really design for someone who wants to build momentum quickly and have the time/resources to implement the strategies immediately into their business. Whereas the Platinum Level is by far the most popular program just because it gives you additional time between calls to get things done.

Business Bootcamp VIP Day

This is for the entrepreneur who wants to fast track their business. During this 1-Day One-on-One Live In person training with me in beautiful San Diego. Together we will help you to craft your step-by-step business blueprint and you will leave knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. This will save you amazing amount of time and you will accelerate your business quickly. If you are someone who is READY to take off and catapult your business…this program is for YOU!

This program is by application only. To apply please complete the application by clicking here and schedule your complimentary discovery session today.

INFLUENCE Mastermind Alliance

This program is for you if you desire to leverage the power of like-minded entrepreneurs, service professionals and small business owners and you want participant in a Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind Principle.

“Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind Principle is defined as an alliance of two or more minds, blended in a spirit oNapoleon_Hill-150x150f perfect harmony and Think and Grow Richcooperating for attainment of a definite purpose.”

Why is being part of a mastermind group so powerful?

The magic of the mastermind group is really the spiritual component. The group is really asking for the wisdom of God to flow through each member as we synergy and brainstorm each others business. It is not group coaching and what I love is the ideas, solutions and innovations that comes from the experience. This is also a great opportunity for you to hang out with some really AMAZING and driven people who are making it happen in their industry.

INFLUENCE Mastermind Alliance is by application only and all applicants are required to go through an interview process.



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