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Happy Mother’s Day!

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On Sunday, May 14, 2017 is Mother’s Day.  We celebrate how mothers throughout time have made positive contributions to society by how they raise their families and foster love and communication with their family and friends. Although my mother is no longer alive…I celebrate her spirit, her heart and her legacy.  She definitely leaves through […]

What You Can Learn From 5 Influential Leaders About Leadership Habits

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A CEO or company president with good leadership skills and the correct mindset and habits can make or break a company. According to Gallup, to run an organization effectively, leaders must be able to strategize, set visions and priorities, build relationships, influence others, and make things happen. There are some notable names in the business […]

Top 5 Books to Grow Your Leader’s Mindset

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A great leader is someone who lead by example and motivated his subordinates to do as he does. But how to be a great leader and have a leader mindset? According to Forbes, there are a lot of attributes of a leader that makes one great: courage, effective communication, generosity, humility, self-awareness, passion, infectiousness, authenticity, […]

Leadership Mindset: Step into Your Power

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There are probably thousands of online leadership courses on how to improve leadership skills but all those courses won’t say that it all begins in the mind. Having the leadership mindset makes all the difference in training and interacting with a team and with other leaders. Psychology Today defines mindset as “the attitudes, beliefs, and […]