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Millennials at Work: Amy’s Tales from the Back Row

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Google describes Millennials as “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. Millennials are known as Generation Y or the Net Generation. They are the men and women born between 1982 and 2004. One of the best traits of millennials at work is their hustle and impact in their chosen field and one […]

Going Digital with the Millennial Workforce

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There are around 83.1 million millennials all over the world. The bulk of this are working millennials and businesses all over the place is trying to figure how to go about managing millennials in the workplace. Especially since work from home is becoming more and more popular—possibly from the influx of new Millennials in the […]

The Importance of Leading and Developing Millennials for the Motor Coach, Travel and Tourism Industry

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Millennials are the largest cohort in three generations. The motor coach, travel and tourism industry will want to take advantage of this group of workers quickly because in the next few years they will become the force with which you will have to reckon. The tourism industry should have an easy time with Generation Y […]

Fear cannot reside where Gratitude abides

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I don’t recall exactly when it happen.  If I was to pinpoint the exact moment I would guess it was when I became a mother.  Along with motherhood I found mysellf becoming very “anxious and worried”.  Maybe it was because I now had the responsiblity of another living being to take care of. However, as […]