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Business Mentor Tip – Creating Satisfied Clients for Life

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Many of you know that my son Christopher normally spends the summers with his dad. This is a time that I as a mother of a teenager and solopreneur have grown to appreciate. It is not because I have problems with my son, far from it but rather it gives him an opportunity to have […]

Business Mentor Tip – How Do I Accept Payments?

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As a new coach, speaker or trainer you may be wondering what is the best solution for accepting payments from your clients. This video highlights to solutions that I have used: 1) Paypal 2) I used PayPal when I was first getting started and there are several benefits and it is great if you […]

Business Mentor Tip: NO Follow UP…No Sales

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I just returned from eWomenNetwork National Conference and I will say it was electrifying.  The energy along with the brilliant and powerful women just blew my mind.  However, I would suspect that many of those who attended will not follow up and will lose many amazing opportunities. What about you?  How many networking events, seminars, […]

Business Mentor Tip: Don’t Get Hacked

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Download mp3 I woke up on a Saturday morning and my assistant a.k.a. Christopher stepped into my office to inform me that he couldn”t get onto my blog to do the maintenance and clean up that I had commissioned him to do. After several failed attempts, it became crystal clear that we had a problem. […]